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Pillars of Education is a classical homeschool cooperative founded by a community of homeschool parents in the High Desert of Southern California.  Fleeing the pressure, restraints, and liability imposed by a once trusted private corporation, these parents sought to preserve their community and offer a solution to the thousands of others that have found themselves in the same desperate situation.


In response to a nation-wide outcry to give parents a voice, keep communities together, and maintain legal compliance with state and federal tax regulations, Pillars of Education was incorporated as a nonprofit in 2018.


Pillars serves homeschool families in the High Desert area by providing enrichment, community, and much-needed socialization to any homeschool regimen. Classes are held once a week for twenty-eight weeks. The program incorporates the seven liberal arts and is particularly rich in history, and encourages students to engage each other in learning using the Socratic and dialectic methods.


Pillars invites all families to join the greater homeschool community by building a network of welcoming, Christ-centered communities dedicated to serve and support the homeschool movement through Faith, Family, Community, and the study of the Classics.

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